Personalized program

Cornel Blejan

Did you know that an abdominal program is not just about the abdomen?

When following an “abdominal” program it is crucial to address the entire musculature that has its origin or insertion in the pelvis and here we are talking about the abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles, gluteal muscles and thigh muscles.

The designed program must be balanced because any imbalance of forces and tensions between these muscles leads to postural problems and thus to discomfort and pain. The pelvis is the second control center of the body, after the brain, which positions and aligns the body on all planes. An abdomen that is too strong or too “weak” in relation to the other muscles will lead to postural dysfunction, the most common being lumbar lordosis and “flat back”.

If you are tired of experiments and you want to give importance to your body integrity, my program offers you all these things.