#OURTEAM Oradea Program

The training takes place at the EVOLUTION fitness room inside Oradea Shopping City, 87A Arad road.

The training is individualized according to the postural problems, the genetic endowment, the proposed objectives, the physical condition, the sport’s history, and the medical history.

Available seats

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At the same time, we monitor the heart rate in real-time to further individualize the training and to be able to make decisions in real-time (break between exercises, proposed areas of effort, level of fatigue, number of repetitions, state of fatigue).

There are two packages: 12 sessions and 8 sessions. The one with 12 sessions includes 3 sessions/week for 4 weeks on Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays, and the one with 8 sessions consists of 2 sessions/week for 4 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This package is not limited to the actual training because to succeed, we need several indicators to consider and integrate into the training process.

We work in groups of up to 3 people without mixing superheroes with superheroes.

Included benefits:

  • A file with personal data is created; the body mass index, the basal metabolism rate, the activity coefficient, and the daily caloric requirement for the deficit created in sports are calculated, and the deficit or caloric intake is established according to the objective and the proposed time, and last but not least the most real determination of objectives (short, medium and long term)
  • Consulting is provided in establishing the daily percentage of macronutrients and their distribution in the daily ratio.
  • A posture assessment is performed, and a corrective program is built for the days without training.
  • Calculate the optimal heart rate for different purposes (burning fatty acids, improving overall or specific endurance, improving performance)
  • Consulting is offered for “cardio” workouts (duration, frequency, type of activity)
  • Workouts are monitored in real-time in terms of heart rate to adjust and customize the workout according to your level of fatigue, the area of ​​effort you want to train, and the speed of recovery between exercises.
  • At the end of the training, you receive a report of the heart rate during the session where you can see the time spent in each effort zone, maximum and average heart rate, calories consumed, and last but not least, you can compare it with previous sessions to motivate and become your best version.

As we say above; this program is not just a workout; it is a whole methodology on which it was built and many puzzle pieces that must be arranged to succeed in being #HEALTHYTOGETHER

Steps to follow:

  1. Once you have decided and feel ready for a change, check the availability
  2. If the availability coincides with your schedule, fill in the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible to start the collaboration.
  3. Complete the form below if the availability does not currently coincide with your schedule, but you are willing to wait to collaborate.

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