Back pain Program

Are you willing to spend 10 ‘/ day for a better life FOR YOURSELF and those around you?

When we have a problem, now referring only to back pain, it affects us and indirectly affects those around us.

We all know how “annoying” and frustrating back pain is, depriving us of various activities or things we want to do alone or with loved ones. Whether we want to bend down to lift something from the floor, carry the purchases made, load or unload them from the car, play and lift our children, run, do sports, or do other domestic or recreational activities.

Back pain disappears or only improves if we do something about it by treating the cause and not just the effect by using creams or massage procedures.

Back pain is often a consequence of a vicious posture, sedentary lifestyle, or obesity. Any muscle imbalance leads to postural dysfunction and most often to pain and discomfort, so we must intervene and “go” on this series of events in the opposite direction: to eliminate or reduce back pain, we must correct postural dysfunctions by rebalancing the muscles.

The success of a program consists in the correct choice of exercises and not in their spectacularity. This program helps those experiencing various back pain and offers over 30 specific exercises to improve lifestyle, health, body integrity, and body functionality.
It is never too late to start caring about ourselves and those around us!


What are the steps to follow:

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