Intelligent Weight Loss at Home Program

The intelligent weight loss at home program consists of a personalized training and nutrition plan for 8 weeks, “tailored” according to the particularities and objectives of each person.

What does it contain:

  • A personalized program of 24 workouts in video format, following a methodology and a progression; exactly 24 videos with me performing the exercises, and you receive as clear indications as possible about the number of repetitions and the break between exercises and series. The exercises are over 150 precisely in the idea of ​​keeping your motivation and not intervening in monotony. The exercises are personalized according to the particularities of each person (a questionnaire is filled in after purchasing the package); age, weight, sports history, joint problems, surgery, proposed objectives, and last but not least, the correction of postural dysfunctions (4 pictures are attached to be able to identify possible postural dysfunctions and correct them)
  • A personalized diet plan, built following the questionnaire completed by you, following the proposed objectives and calculations related to caloric deficit obtained by performing exercises, your basal metabolic rate + activity coefficient, daily requirement, caloric deficit proposed daily, and the required daily caloric ratio.
  • It would be best if you had a package of sports equipment to work side by side with me.

Steps to follow:

  1. Click the “I CAN ” button after you decide and feel 100% ready for the big change.
  2. Before making the payment, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreement to ensure that your data and your photos are secure.
  3. Payment is made (after payment, you have access to your questionnaire)
  4. Fill in the questionnaire to better customize the program.
  5. Attach 4 pictures (see model)
  6. You will receive the invoice by email.
  7. In maximum 5 days, your personalized program is ready to accompany you on this “journey” of 8 weeks and TOGETHER to succeed in making the “GREAT CHANGE.”
  8. You can always access the workouts in the My Account section.


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