Live Online Program

Now you can work live from home!!!

We all know that sometimes time compresses, we don’t have time for anything, and the training at the gym is conditioned first of all to get to the gym, which, most of the time, is not in our hands and we tend to give up.
Precisely for this reason, we thought of coming to the aid of those who “fight” with their free time but also want to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This program is designed to address the needs of everyone regardless of age, weight, sports history, occupation, or gender. The training is designed to include: postural re-education exercises, toning the entire body muscles (whether we are talking about the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, chest, or shoulders), and heart training on different areas of intensity, as well as mobility exercises, flexibility and elasticity.

At the same time, the exercises are performed on all planes of movement at different loads and speeds precisely to compensate for the lack of complementary activities (opposite to the workplace) and not to feel “rusty.”
A program is not just about bulging buttocks and a sculpted abdomen; a program must be complex and balanced so that, above all, it does not endanger everyone’s health and functionality.

A program’s success consists of the correct choice of exercises and not in their spectacularity, and hard does not always mean good.

Suppose you do not want to give up the “fight,” and you want to start valuing your health and the functionality of your body. In that case, we show you that anything is possible if you’re going to because we are convinced that we can be #HEALTHY TOGETHER with minimal effort!

The training sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 EET. If you cannot attend, you will receive the training record by email.

Steps to follow:

  1. After you decide and feel ready for a change, click the “I CAN” button.
  2. Before making the payment, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreement to ensure that your data and your photos are secure.
  3. Payment is made
  4. After making the payment, you have access to your questionnaire if you also opted for the food plan.
  5. Fill in the questionnaire to better customize the food plan.
  6. Attach 4 pictures (see model)
  7. In maximum 3 days, your food plan will be ready to accompany you on the road.
  8. You will receive the invoice by email.
  9. On training days, you receive the access link to the virtual room.
  10. During training, you will need the following sports equipment: a mini elastic band set, Cross -A training elastic band and 2KG / 4lbs elastic rubber band.
    Total investment: 14 euro