About me

After almost 10 years as a physical trainer at the highest level in Romania, a Ph.D. in physical training, over 10 scientific papers presented at national and international congresses, and many other specialized certifications, the time has come for a new challenge and an ambitious new project: to put all my knowledge to the test to learn, support and advise non-professionals on how to prepare and educate themselves, how to balance and how to achieve their goals whether we are talking about weight loss, weight growth, maintenance, improvement of muscle tone, postural balancing/rebalancing.

I believe that no one should be dependent on a coach, and with the necessary “tools,” each person can learn how to build their training based on the main goal: a better life. I am qualified and prepared to do this, and the word “can’t” is not part of my vocabulary; it only matters how much you want to succeed.

I am also an Iron man, a title obtained in 2013 after I finished the triathlon in under 16 hours, and believe me, I recognize the pain and the desire to give up, the muscle aches, the frustrations accumulated by the lack of short-term progress, I know all these things because I struggled with these “demons.” Still, I can tell you as honestly as possible. Whether short, medium, or long term, the goal is a success, and success requires “suffering” – IT IS NOT EASY, BUT IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL; this can be confirmed by anyone who has reached the “finish” with the proposed goal.


  • Ph.D. – Doctor in sports science – Physical training
  • Postgraduate Program – Physical Trainer
  • Master – Performance in Sports
  • BA – Physical Education and Sports

Continuing education courses

  • Sport Nutrition Specialist – Barca Universitas
  • Workload Management in Football specialist – Barca Universitas
  • Postural Correction Specialist
  • Yumeiho Assistant Instructor
  • (FMS) Functional Movement System Specialist
  • Gun-Ex Strength and Power Specialist
  • Human Kinetics Water Exercise Specialist
  • Trigger Point Specialist Level 1
  • Exos Performance Specialist
  • Global Active Stretching Specialist
  • TRX Suspension Training Coach
  • Power Bands Coach
  • Personal Trainer